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Tracey Grumbach on "Harford County Living" Podcast

I am very thankful that we have a wonderful arts community here in Harford County, Maryland. One of the arts biggest supporters is Rich Bennett, who broadcasts a podcast about the people, places, and happenings here in our county. I have had the pleasure of being on his show twice and both times was a blast! One of these days I would love to have my own podcast...but that is nowhere in my near future as I need to focus on this baby here...getting Walnut Grove 9 up and running.

The first time I was on the Harford County Living podcast was in April 8, 2019. I was a co-guest with the amazing Sheldon Bair of the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra and we talked about arts in the county and how visual arts and musical performing arts inspire each other and support each other. In this podcast I also discuss my background with Lyme Disease (although I wasn't fully prepared to answer those questions...it was an off-the-cuff moment and I didn't have my statistics and such in front of me at the time.) You can listen to the Spring Evening With Nine Acres of Music podcast by clicking here. This particular podcast is close to my heart because I received feedback from many people that they heard my Lyme Disease story and realized they too (or a loved one) had it and sought treatment. That makes my heart so incredibly happy.

The second time I was invited to be on the Harford County Living podcast was on September 23, 2019. This time I was joined by fellow Harford County, Maryland photographer, Lisa Braun, and we discussed our group, Harford County Photography Field Trips, which, unfortunately, is not active now due to family circumstances since January of 2020 and current COVID restricitons. One day I am hoping to get the opportunity to get photographers together again, but for now, at least for this year, I don't see that happening. If you are interested to listening to this one , you can access My First Camera Was a Chisel podcast here.

If you ever would like me to speak about my experience with Chronic Lyme Disease, being a digital artist, or a photographer, please use the contact form to reach out. I love chatting with and meeting new people.

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