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New Beginnings- Walnut Grove 9

Many of you have been following my journey for years on previous blogs and on Facebook. I so appreciate your support...thank you for sticking with me. I haven't been blogging so far this year, but that is going to change, here, on Walnut Grove 9. It feels good to be back and to have a new beginning...but where have I been? 2020 is where I have been, LOL.

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Y'all...2020 has been something, hasn't it? Right from the beginning it has been a struggle. Just a few days into January, my year started with learning my husband has cancer. The very next day I learned my daughter has 3 severe learning disabilities which was not allowing her to thrive in public school. January and February was filled with doctor appointments and medical tests for my husband as we tried to figure out how to move forward in a proactive way to fight his cancer and IEP meetings at my daughter's school to try and help her get through the school year. And then...March hit.

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On March 5th my husband had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor growing in his body. It was a difficult surgery that landed him in the hospital for several days. And shortly after we got home, the world, it seemed, shut down because of COVID-19. The kids were sent home from school and were expected to distance-learn from home, a nightmare for my daughter who lost all her special education services while I was in the midst of trying to care for my recovering husband.

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April brought radiation and chemotherapy treatment for my husband...and still the world was in lock-down. Then, in May and June my husband experienced repeated infections at the surgery location. Also in June, after six months of weighing options for my daughter for her schooling, we decided to permanently homeschool our kids. My daughter has a twin brother who does not share the same learning disabilities and is, instead, above grade level. This was not an easy decision to make, but much prayer and research led us to believe this to be best for them. And then, as if that wasn't enough, I became ill with Lyme Disease in June as well. I was treated early, which is great, but the 6 weeks I was on doxycycline was brutal.

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July rolled around and my husband had to have a second surgery to try and alleviate the repeated infections that were occurring. After that, a second round chemo started. July 1st I began officially homeschooling my kids. July and August has been filled with my husband dealing with a drain that was placed at the surgery site and finding a comfortable routine and curriculum for my kids in homeschooling.

September feels like a perfect time for a new beginning. I realized this year that life is too short to wait on dreams. Despite all that has happened in my personal life this year, I feel incredibly blessed by the Lord to have my family intact, to have lots of quality time with my family, and to finally be moving forward with the dream of having my own online shop and blog, Walnut Grove 9. Homeschooling and Walnut Grove 9 has given me something to look forward to every day..something the keep my mind active and busy. I am very thankful for both.

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As time goes on, I will write more blog posts that go into detail about Walnut Grove 9 and what I see for its future. But for now I will sign off, feeling the cathartic effects of having typed out a broad view of my year so far. My family has come a long way. From disabling anxiety after my husband's diagnosis to the peace of knowing God will carry us through this, I know we have grown closer as a family and more wise as a humans. Love one another. Choose kindness. Never assume you know what someone else may be living through. Till next time,


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