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LymeMIND 2019 Art Show in New York City

I am so thrilled to announce that the following three pieces were featured in an art show accompanying the LymeMIND Conference in New York City on Saturday, October 19, 2019 in The Times Center building at: 242 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036.

The marketing company requested a description of how these pieces were related to Lyme Disease. Read further for an inside look of the "behind the scenes thinking" on the creation of each of these pieces. I rarely tell what I was thinking during the process of creating art because I want the viewers to decided for themselves what each piece means to them. So, this is a RARE opportunity to see what these three pieces mean to me.

Piece 1- Title: Come With Me Now Framed Size: (H x W) 18 inches x 12 inches Description- This piece was created early on in my Lyme Disease journey and depicts the anguish I was feeling at the time. The elements in this digital collage, a screaming person and a death certificate (representing my physical and mental state at the time) contrast sharply with the natural elements of the butterflies and bird (representing the hope of better days ahead). The struggle to remain positive and continue to hope for healing while inwardly screaming and wanting to give up is a real dichotomy for Chronic Lyme patients and a recurring theme I find in others who have struggled to heal.

Piece 2- Title: My Significant Other Right Now is Myself Framed Size: (H x W) 14 inches x 14 inches Description: Lyme Disease is extremely debilitating. Some of the things I struggled with most were exhaustion, migrating pain, air hunger, memory loss, and aphasia. Because of these horrible symptoms I felt very guilty that I could not be the wife and mother I longed to be. Eventually, I realized that I needed to give up that guilt and focus on healing myself so I could live the kind of life I wanted to lead in the future. This digital collage features a Civil War era woman who typically would be photographed holding her husband's picture while he was off at war. Instead of her husband, I decided to have her hold a picture of herself to depict that she was her own significant other for the time being while the bird (representing Lyme Disease) was present in her life, weighing her down.

Piece 3- Title: Self Portrait, 2019 Framed Size: (H x W) 14 inches x 14 inches Description: This self portrait is a digital painting created during the time earlier this year when I sadly realized that while I was so much better than before treatment (which I was thankful for), I would never ever be the same person I was before Chronic Lyme Disease. It was a process of mourning the loss of what I dreamed my life would look like at this age (47 years old) and coming to terms with a "new normal."

As you many of you know, I suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease for many years and now am an advocate for those suffering with this disease. Thank you to all who support me and continue to cheer me along this journey. I give all the praise to God because I have prayed for YEARS to allow my art to speak to the hearts of those who are suffering in silence with Lyme Disease and I finally feel like that is coming to fruition.

Check out some of these pictures taken at the event. What a great experience!

If this post interested you, please check out the latest news...I will be showing art again at the LymeMIND Conference in 2020!

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