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"Living Well" Television Show Appearance

I am very excited to announce that on February 14, 2019 I had the wonderful opportunity to film a short segment for the television show, Living Well, on Harford Cable Network.  I was very honored that my supervisor at Harford Community College recommended me for the job out of all the other continuing education instructors she could have recommended. After some discussion back and forth with the show's producer, Karen Frances, it was decided I would give a few short photography tips to viewers. Having never done anything like this before (besides my very brief stint on a reality game show a few years back) I was very nervous. But Karen and her cameraman were so patient, kind, and encouraging that although stressful, it ended up being a lot of fun and something I can check off the bucket list.

Receiving instruction from producer, Karen Frances.

Image used with permission-Kim Slotnick

 The show will be airing in April on Harford Cable Network, which is on Comcast Channel 21, Verizon Channel 31, and Armstrong Channel 7. It can also be seen online at HarfordCable.org throughout the month of April.

Waiting for the camera and lighting to be adjusted before taping.

Image used with permission-Kim Slotnick

Going into this, I didn't realize exactly how everything would work. In my mind we would be in a private room and do an interview-style question and answer session with the producer. However, the facts were that we were shooting in the lobby of Edgewood Hall at Harford Community College while students were walking in and out, staring and wondering what in the world was going on. The front registration desk was just a few feet away and so there was a lot of noise and action for me to block out and ignore during taping.

Laughing at something the cameraman said to try and loosen me up!

Image used with permission- Kim Slotnick

Truth be told, I messed up a lot because I would go blank while staring into the camera. The producer and cameraman were so kind to let me do as many retakes as I needed. They encouraged me the whole time telling me I was doing a great job when in reality I felt like I was just stumbling all over myself and looking awkward and weird.

The amazing cameraman who kept me calm and was very patient!

Image used with permission-Kim Slotnick

In all I think I was "on set" for about an hour and twenty minutes. I don't even think the segment will be 2 minutes long. I have a new respect for the people in this industry who are in front (or behind) the camera every single day. They make it look so darn easy when in reality is very nerve wracking.

Trying to gesture and smile during taping.

Image used with permission-Kim Slotnick

One of the things that was most difficult for me is to smile and gesture while talking. Normally, in a classroom while teaching, this is so natural for me. But for some reason, in front of the camera, it was very, very difficult! I know that they are planning on using some overlays of photography examples during my segment and honestly, I hope the photography is on the screen a lot longer than my face!

I am not really anxious to see the final product. To be honest, I was mad at myself afterward because I felt like I could have done a better job for these wonderful people. My memory difficulties (a lasting effect from having Lyme Disesase) and my discomfort in front of the camera made me feel like I let everyone down. Hopefully the editors will be able to salvage something decent from clips they taped.

What I learned from this whole experience is that I am NOT cut out for television...at least scripted television anyway. I am a lot more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it. I also learned there are some really great people left in this world...two of which were kind enough to walk me through this experience.

Thank you to HCN, HCC, my supervisor, Lisha Sturgill; Marketing Support Specialist, Kim Slotnick (who took all these stills); HCN producer Karen Frances; and the HCN cameraman (I am so embarrassed I have forgotten his name!). You all made this a wonderful experience with so much grace and kindness.

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