Walnut Grove 9 is the blog and shop of digital artist and photographer, Tracey Grumbach, a Harford County, Maryland resident. Tracey's artistic passion and focus is mixing her love of photography, digital art, and collage into deeply personal pieces of art.

Several of Tracey's latest series, such as The Beauty Myth, Faceless, and Growth Mindset closely examine human nature and the influences of the tech age on today's human psyche.

Tracey's work has been seen in venues throughout Maryland including art galleries in Maryland and Pennsylvania as well as art shows in Maryland and New York City. Her photography and art has been published in national and international publications including Baltimore Magazine, Artful Blogging, and Somerset Digital Studio.

Mrs. Grumbach lives on 9 acres with her husband and four children. She is passionate about Lyme Disease advocacy, homeschooling, and teaching photography and art to people of all ages.

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